Clean Solutions and Equipment stocks a full line of industrial-strength detergents available for pickup or delivery.


One of the most powerful & highly concentrated, non-caustic detergents. Rips through dirt, grease & grime from heavy equipment and trucks! Can be used with high pressure washers, floor scrubbers, mob on brush or washing by hand.

Pro White

A completely biodegradable parts washer detergent. This solvent free parts washer cleaner is non-foaming, fast acting, and has no chelating agents. Pro White contains an exclusive corrosion inhibitor package which prevents flash rusting, and helps prevent darkening of brass parts. Recommended in cleaning metals, paints, plastics, stainless steel, brass and aluminum.


Heavy industrial detergent for use on the toughest cleaning problems. Works effectively in cleaning engines, fifth-wheel, off-road equipment and construction equipment.


Highly alkaline phosphated spray washer detergent for use on autos, RV’s, trucks, and trailers. Works as an excellent pre-spray on most cleaning applications, simply spray on and let sit for 5 minutes or less and rinse off. When rinsed it leaves a shiny surface. 


A heavy, acidic industrial detergent used for removing hard set-up concrete on trucks and equipment. Also usable in welding areas or on welded tools and equipment where smut is a problem. Phosclean also removes water scale and rust on metal or glass.


A heavy duty aluminum brightener cleaner for industrial use only. One application of Lumashine can make oxidized aluminum look like new.

Iron Phostight

Biodegradable cleaner/phosphatizer. Designed to be used with high-pressure cleaning to clean and phosphatize in one step. Iron Phostight cleans and phosphatizes to assure paint adhesion as well as corrosion resistance. Safe to use on steel, iron, aluminum, and aluminum alloys.

Brown Wonder

Powerful liquid industrial detergent.  Works effectively in cleaning engines, fifth-wheel, off-road equipment and construction equipment. Also does an excellent job in drive-thru truck wash bays.


A chemically neutral, completely biodegradable detergent for use in heavy duty degreasing and cleaning applications. Uses the natural power of citrus to dissolve grease, grime and tough dirt. Has a pleasant aroma and is safe for the environment.


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